DenTone Pedals

The Mighty "Alligator Boy" Analog Delay!



Sun Records in a Box!

For your consideration, the DenTone Alligator Boy analog delay/echo pedal.

Warm and rich with organic overtones and harmonics, this is a natural sounding delay, very much like a vintage tape echo but without the hassle. Not sterile and lifeless like so many of the digital delays out there.

Each unit is built one at a time, but me, in my mad scientist laboratory. Each pedal is signed and dated and hand wired point to point.

All the finest components are used throughout. Powered by your standard 9V Boss style center negative 2.1mm DC adaptor. True bypass.

Short youtube demo that barely scratches the surface of what this pedal is capable of here:


Sorry, but Alligator Boy has a bit of a waiting list at the moment.   Please get in touch through the contact page for more details.