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DenTone Private Stock Fuzz Face clone


DenTone "Private Stock" 1969 Fuzz FaceClone of Dallas Arbiter Original using all NOS parts

This is an exact part for part circuit clone of the Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face pedal. It is wired point to point like a tube amp and uses vintage NOS components.-NOS AC128 germanium transistors-NOS Carbon Comp resistors-NOS Mullard "tropical fish" .01 uf output capacitor-NOS Sprague input capacitorUltra high end construction:-Virtually indestructible aluminum enclosure-Hard plastic 9V battery snap-Heavy duty 8-lug terminal strip-Alpha potentiometers-Neutrik jacks-Electroharmonix 3PDT footswitch-True hardwire bypass switching

I think we are all aware that the highest quality tube amplifiers are wired in true point to point. From the earliest Fender and Marshall amps to modern "boutique" amps, the one thing in common to all is point to point wiring. No printed circuit boards.But, point to point wired fuzz pedals are virtually non-existant. You can find pedals with printed circuit boards, perfboard, stripboard and other wiring methods, but not point to point. Why not? Perhaps it's just too time consuming and labor intensive for the average pedal builder.But there are great reasons to use point to point. It is beautiful to look at. Just look at the pictures below. It is extremely rugged. This pedal could survive just about anything short of a nuclear explosion. This pedal will probably outlive it's owner. And finally, it just sounds incredible. I'll let the demo speak for itself there. There is an inexplicable mojo in this kind of construction that can be heard every time you plug it in. (Different enclosure style, same build, same batch of NOS germanium transistors)

Dr. Octopus Octavia Fuzz pedal

Doctor Otto Octavius aka Spiderman's arch enemy Dr. Octopus comes alive on a vintage comic book cover. Of course it has to contain an octave fuzz pedal.

This is an exact part for part clone of the famous Tychobrahe Octavia pedal. Made famous by Jimi Hendrix, the originals sell for $1500 to $2000. Those are crazy prices for collectors who will never actually use the pedals. What about gigging musicians and recording artists who want that amazing sound, but at a reaonable price? Here it is.

Built into a bulletproof enclosure with an absolutely beautiful vintage comic cover under clearcoat. The pictures don't really do the finish justice. Using the finest parts, this pedal will be passed on to your children. Old school build on stripboard with point to point wiring and true bypass switching.

Sounds great in front of either tube or solid state amps.
-Diecast aluminum box, as bulletproof as you can get.
-1/4 inch Neutrik audio jacks
-ElectroHarmonix 3PDT blue footswitch
-Alpha 16mm potentiometers
-Super heavy duty pointer knobs
-Hard plastic 9V battery snap
-2.1 mm Boss style 9V DC jack
-1% metal film resistors for low noise
-Low noise gain selected transistors
-Stranded and solid core pvc insulated wires point to point
-Assembled in the USA on veroboard in a one man custom shop

This is considered to be the "holy grail" of octave fuzz pedals and for good reason.


DenTone Fuzz Face clone with Jimi Hendrix/Roger Mayer mods     $125.00

Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz clone


Marshall Supafuzz clone

Hand build clone of the Marshall Supafuzz with vintage New Old Stock germanium transistors.  Point to point wiring and the finest parts used throughout.

More clones coming soon....

ToneBender MK  1.5 clone