DenTone boutique Nuclear fuzz pedal Freaktone fuzz build in Cold War relic box  $175.00

​Boutique Fuzz Pedal (DenTone Freaktone)

Built into a Cold War relic Nuclear device

This is a very special edition of the renowned DenTone Freaktone fuzz pedal (think dimed silicon Fuzz Face or DAM Meathead). It is built into the coolest enclosure I've ever found. A steel Nuclear Dosimeter Charger left over from the cold war era. This box is built to survive just about anything! 

Don't hesitate if you think you want it, I rarely find these boxes in this condition and it might be a long time before I find another. An amazing fuzz pedal, but also a show stopper and conversation starter.

Here is more info about the Freaktone Circuit:

This is not your corporate McPedal. In fact, it is the antithesis of that! It is true bypass and built with the best components throughout. I love the simplicity of just one knob. I build these painstakingly one at a time in my workshop/mad scientist laboratory. No printed circuit boards are used. Ever. Vintage NOS BC108 and BC109 metal can transistors provide the juice that make this machine run. 1% metal film resistors, mylar film capacitors, Alpha pot, EH blue 3PDT footswitch and Neutrik jacks. Run it with ta 9V battery or with your standard Boss style 2.1mm center negative DC jack.

Here is what the buyer of one Freaktone pedal had to say:

"Hi, just wanted to tell how happy I am with my Freaktone #15. I have owned distortion/fuzz pedals from ZVex, Electro Harmonix, Boss, Effector 13, MXR and more.. and none of them sound and "feel" like this pedal. It is so "open" sounding, every little harmonic and nuance of my playing is there. It has honestly made me a better player, and has made playing even more fun. I don't know what the hell you did but this is the best pedal ever. I doubt anything would ever go wrong with this pedal because of the quality, but I feel the need to get another one because I don't ever want to play without it!! 
Thanks again and you will be getter more of my business in the future. "
-Craig Swensen

Here are some comments from another buyer:

"This pedal does one thing, big, warm 60's fuzz. It's a one trick pony, but what a great trick. It sounds excellent with my Gibson Melody Maker through a Mesa/Boogie .22+ 1x12 tube combo. Big crunchy chords or great fuzzed out leads. I've used other fuzz where the bottom end tends to dip when I stomp it on. Not so with this fuzz. It stays warm and full. I also use it for bass, an old P bass into an SWR Basic Black combo. Huge, gnarly bass fuzz sound with no loss of bottom end. I love how this pedal sounds. I'm primarily a bass player but I play guitar sometimes, been playing for 20 years. I was looking for a fuzzbox I could use for both that would keep the warmth and bottom end when engaged. This is it. It sounds awesome with gutiar or bass. Perfect for 60's garage, punk, grunge, etc. I can adjust the tone with the amp. Dennis Menard made this by hand with NOS analog parts from an old schematic he had in a folder. No one knows what that schematic was from, but it's great. The box is hand-painted. If it were stolen I'd get another pronto (if I could find one). "

Here is another review:

"Hey, I am really enjoying this pedal. I tried a J.Everman and it sounded good, but was always fuzzy. The freaktone has amazing vol/touch sensitivity. I freaked my wife out when I was demoing it with my 6 watt Champ and Reverend Slingshot. I first showed her light picking and the cleanish sound which she liked, but when I dug in and it scared her and hurt her ears the dynamics were so extreme. Unreal gain, I was actully a little worried for the little Champ getting it's ass kicked so hard. I tried your freakboy with a HBE Germainia and Lovepedal MagicBoy but the noise floor was pretty high. I like it by itself plenty though. So anyway it inspired me to write you and say thanks for the cool pedal."

And yet another:

I am fortunate enough to be a proud owner of a DenTone - Freaktone Fuzz pedal. Kinda makes me sound like a proud parent huh? Well, does this baby sing! On the surface it may seem quite simple. On/off & a dial for the fuzz. However, one dial does not translate to one dimensional. This thing beggs to be noodled with & can provide a wide palate of sounds to paint with. All you need to do is make adjustments on your amp & guitar. With a little patience (and a lot of enthusiasm - you can't knock the smile off my face with a stick), you will easily hear a sound that will be all ours. Isn't experimenting one of the best things about creating music? If, however you are looking for a fuzz pedal that will mask sloppy playing, look elswhere. On the other hand, if you are looking for a fuzz that will get across any subtleties of your picking, look no further! Hard to imagine a fuzz pedal that can pull such a feat off. Well, this one does. Very percussive in its dynamics. This is definately NOT your typical fuzz effect pedal. Let's face it, ayone who plays has a pile of effect pedals. The Freaktone goes a long way to making some of them redundant. A very welcome addition to anyones sonic arsenal. If, for some reason you cannot coax the sound you are looking for out of this thing, then you may want to consider hanging up the guitar for good. All I can say is "get your Freak on"!

-1% metal film resistors
-Neutrik Jacks
-ElectroHarmonix 3PDT footswitch
-Alpha potentiometers
-Bulletproof aluminum enclosure.
-Point to point wired with 24 guage solid core wire.
-9V battery snap
-Standard Boss style 2.1mm DC jack

DenTone One-Offs--One of a kind pedals

This page will be dedicated to unique pedals created by DenTone, once they are gone, they are gone, never to be seen again.   If it's here, it's available, but once purchased, it will disappear forever.

DenTone  '36

The Return of the Anna Nicole fuzz!

Warm, singing germanium fuzz featuring two NOS British Made Mullard metal can OC76 germanium transistors




For your consideration, an amazing pedal from DenTone. DenTone is one of the last of the true boutique pedals shops left. Each pedal is made by hand, by me, one at a time in my small mad scientist laboratory.

This particular pedal houses a clone of the 1969 Silicon Fuzz Face built to original schematic:

-1% metal film resistors
-Vintage tropical fish output capacitor
-Neutrik Jacks
-ElectroHarmonix 3PDT footswitch
-Alpha potentiometers
-vintage BC108 metal can transistors
-Bulletproof aluminum enclosure.
-Point to point wired with 24 guage solid core wire.
-9V battery snap
-Standard Boss style 2.1mm DC jack
-Internal trim pot to adjust bias

Ultra smooth fuzz like Jimi used in the "Band of Gypsies" era.


"The Thing That Screams" fuzz pedal


Silicon Fuzz Face clone with NOS BC108 metal can transistors



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Featuring the ampmeter from a 1936 Ford Coupe and a pair of NOS British Made Mullard OC76 metal can germanium transistors, this is a reprisal of the Anna Nicole Smith fuzz pedal that I built for Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top several years ago.  There is just one of these available and the listing will be removed when the pedal is sold.   This is a special pair of transistors that I have been saving for a special box.   I've included a video demo of the original which sounds amazing.   If anything, this version sounds even better.   Absolutely amazing jangly cleanup with your guitar volume knob.

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