DenTone Pedals


DenTone Port-a-Fone!

Brand new, just built (03/2015), only one available!

​Amazing art deco style wood enclosure, 1940's vintage!



DenTone Bakelite amp

Jetsons Spacely Sprocket intercom edition!




DenTone Teletalk bakelite  amp.      


Hot off the presses, same internals as the two amps above, this beautiful art deco, vintage bakelite enclosure is quite simply in close to mint condition, the best I've ever seen for a unit of this age.    Amazing.   There's just one of these, if you can see it, it's available, once it's sold, it's gone forever.

For your consideration, a unique guitar amp built into a classic bakelite shell from the 1940's.   Reminiscent of Brian May's Deacy amp and the classic combo's of days gone by, this amp is powered by either a 9V battery or a standard Boss style 9V adaptor with a 2.1mm plug.

Here's a link to the Guitar Player article:

This amp utilizes the original speaker for an amazing woody tone.  Buffered input means that this amp takes pedals extremely well.   The video below demonstrates the amp with the guitar plugged straight in and also with a TS-808 Tube Screamer in front of it.  I rarely find Bakelite enclosures in this condition, only one amp is available for sale.  Once purchased, it will be removed.



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